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This menu is proposed for lunch and dinner

Menu la Maison de Savoie 176€


  • Savoy button mushroom and « Cévennes » sweet onions cooked like a risotto and yellow wine.
  • Lake Geneva perch, potatoes, parsley and confit lemon.
  • Half- smoked lake Geneva dace tartar, Ossetra Imperial caviar, lovage ice- cream.
  • Roots vegetables lasagne , « poulette » sauce and Alba white truffle.
  • Char fish with bread crust, Savoy carrot, pike roe condiment and caraway sauce.
  • Roe deer fillet, quince, cardamom and lemon- thyme juice.
  • Lacquered veal sweetbread, Savoy cider, celery cooked in a salt crust.
  • Crispy « fondue » from our mountains and watercress.
  • Cheese trolley. (15€ supplement)
  • Savoy apple and Granny like a « tatin », Madagascar vanilla ice- cream.
  • Java Grand Cru chocolate 64%, 72 hours conching process, smoked Piemontese hazelnut with vine stalks.
This menu is proposed for lunch and dinner

Menu "Petite fête gourmande"

  • Starter, dish, cheese or desert - 78€
  • Starter, first dish, second dish, Cheese or Dessert - €110
    Menu changed daily according to the products on the market
  • - Scallops / in tartar, caviar lemon / grilled, kombu seaweed and Savoy mushrooms stock
  • - Duck foie gras from « Dupérier » / quince
  • - Savoy beetroot / « bleu de Termignon » cheese / local apples (V)
  • ***
  • - Line caught Sea Bass confit with lime / root chervil / root parsley / hazelnut / mussel and horseradish stock
  • - Savoy trout / leeks / trout roes condiment / leeks sabayon
  • - Pleurotes and pholiotes mushroom / parsley raviole / organic egg yolk / mushrooms stock (V)
  • ***
  • - Mallard duck breast / confit leg / beetroot / blackcurrant / verbena juice
  • - Roe deer back / Savoy carrots / buckwheat / black lemon juice
  • - Cauliflower cooked on ember / black garlic condiment / green apple / sesame (V)
  • ***
  • Local, fresh and aged cheeses trolley
  • ***
  • Flambe fig, lemon thyme, walnut and sheep milk ice cream from « la Bergerie d’Ayze »
  • Green Chartreuse soufflé
  • Tonka bean soufflé and crispy hazelnut, Sao Palmé chocolate, espelette pepper and salt flower
  • Grand Cru wild chocolate 68% Bolivia, black cardamom and almond
  • faisselle cheese, biscuit and homemade honey ice- cream
(up to 10 years old) for 38€

Children's Menu

  • To be established with the maître d'hôtel

À la carte


  • Green asparaguses from Robert Blanc cooked on embers,
    pan- fried Lake Geneva perch, Meyer lemon and black olives condiment, lemon thyme sabayon.
    60 €
  • Dublin Bay prawns just cooked, shellfish sabayon, edible crab and Granny Smith apple.
    In carpaccio, Ossetra Imperial caviar.
    70 €
  • Beaufort cheese ravioli and leek, poultry oyster, Albuféra sauce and black truffle.
    Boiled egg with truffle and “mouillette”.
    70 €
  • Ossetra caviar served with buckwheat blinis and thick cream
    95 € les 30g / 156 € les 50g

Fish courses

  • Lake Geneva dace fish fished by Eric Jacquier in two ways:
    - half-smoked in tartar, potatoes, rye bread, pine dressing and pike roe - just cooked, confit celery, gentian and lemon sabayon.
    70 €
  • Savoy trout in two ways:
    - cooked with salt, Gruyère double cream, egg yolk condiment and Imperial Ossetra caviar. - confite, grilled white asparagus, cedrat and sauce with mountain honey and Mont Blanc saffron.
    80 €
  • Char fish in two ways :
    - half-smoked, crayfish, root vegetables and sobacha stock - snacked, “Cévennes” sweet onions cannelloni, bacon and black truffle.
    80 €


    30 €
  • For the cheese, we propose you one wine pairing with three glasses (4cl)
    selected by the sommelier.
    33 €


  • Dessert trolley with a large choice of gateaux,
    fresh fruit and homemade seasonal sorbets.
    30 €
  • Warm soufflés
    green Chartreuse soufflé with homemade Chartreuse ice cream or warm yellow Charteuse soufflé with homemade liquorice ice cream.
    26 €
  • Soufflée sugar apple,
    granny smith foam, cider caramel and green apple cider sorbet.
    26 €
  • Crêpes Suzette
    vanilla ice cream.
    26 €
  • Maltese orange, tarragon, smooth cream and smoked almond.
    26 €
  • Buckwheat and Brasilian 100% Arabica coffee.
    26 €


  • Lacquered free range milk- fed veal sweetbread minute applewood smoked,
    Zitone n°19, seasonal mushrooms, green asparaguse from Robert Blanc, homemade cider juice.
    70 €
  • « Pyrénées » suckling lamb cooked on ember, confit shoulder,
    puntarelle, artichoke and black lemon juice.
    70 €
  • Roasted Bresse poularde breast, leg and liver in parmentier,
    “vin jaune” polenta and poultry juice.
    70 €
  • Beef in two ways:
    - in tartar, smoked foie gras. - cooked on embers, potatoes, confit onion and sauce with Chamonix gin.
    70 €











Practical information

Schedules restaurant Albert 1er

  • Lunch : 12:15pm to 1:30pm
  • Dinner : 6pm to 6:30pm, only the menu "Petite Fête Gourmande"

Weekly closure

  • Wednesday and Thursday all day

Annual closure 2020

We hope to be able to open our hotel and restaurants for the 17th December 2020.
During this closure period, we stay available by mail:
Reservation requests / Online gift packages ...


* The particularity of cuisine proposed by our chef is not suitable and cannot be adapted for a vegan diet.
** Menu proposals are possible for special events, receptions and group meals.
*** Animals are not permitted in the Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant

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