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  • Savoie Trout
    Candied with wild lovage oil - Trout roe condiment - Trout belly and wild lovage ice cream
    56 €
  • Green asparagus from Provence
    Grilled with Meyer lemon condiment - Bagna Cauda sauce
    55 €
  • Savoie snails
    In vegetable ravioli, smoked foie gras and beef broth - As a cromesqui with herbs
    55 €
  • Geneva Lake fishing
    White asparagus - lemon and asparagus sauce
    64 €
  • Hooker boat monkfish
    Shellfish ravioli - Artichoke and Bottarga - Fishbones sauce
    66 €
  • Milk-fed veal sweetbreads
    Pan-fried then lacquered - Carrot, black garlic and sobacha
    70 €
  • Pigeon fed with chestnut flour
    Beets and rhubarb from the garden - Juniper berry juice
    70 €
  • Milk-fed veal chop from Chartreuse
    Gnocchi with fir flour, morel and sweetbread
    150 € (for 2 people)


  • ---
    From mountain valley pastures to vegetable gardens
  • 3 courses menu, cheese and dessert
    125 €
  • Sand carrot, cooked melty, carrot and caraway sauce, pesto made of the tops and carrot ice cream
  • White asparagus, pink grapefruit and creamy asparagus
  • Morel, in a tartlet, candied free-range egg yolk, creamy mushroom
  • Fresh and mature cheeses and dessert to choose from "Our desserts"
  • --
    This menu is provided only for all the guests at the same table


  • ---
    According to the daily inspiration of the chef
  • Two courses menu, plus cheese or dessert
    92 €
  • ---
    Available for lunch only


  • 3 courses menu, cheese and dessert
    The way of the unexpected
    135 €
  • Savoie Trout Candied with wild lovage oil
    Trout roe condiment, trout belly and wild lovage ice cream
  • Hooker boat monkfish
    Shellfish ravioli, artichoke and Bottarga and fishbones sauce
  • Farmers hen from Bresse
    French morels and grean peas
  • Fresh and mature cheeses and dessert to choose from "Our desserts"
  • ---
    This menu is provided only for all the guests at the same table
  • ---


  • ---
    Or the irresistible desire to go higher
    186 €
  • Green asparagus from Provence, Meyer lemon condiment, Bagna Cauda sauce
  • French morels, green peas and farmer hen from Bresse
  • Geneva Lake pike as a tartare, elderflower, pike eggs and oxalis
  • Savoie snails, in vegetable ravioli, smoked foie gras and beef broth, As a cromesquis with herbs
  • Geneva lake fish, char-grilled white asparagus, Lemon and asparagus sauce
  • Milk-fed veal sweetbread, pan-fried then lacquered, carrot, black garlic and sobacha
    Or Pigeon fed with chestnut flour, beets and rhubarb from the garden, juniper berry juice
  • Fresh and aged cheeses trolley
  • Stawberry in a ravioli and local goat cheese, Tchuli pepper & strawberry sorbet and fermented strawberries juice
  • Dessert of your chosing from the 'A la carte selection'
  • ---
    This menu is provided only for all the guests at the same table


  • The green Chartreuse soufflé
    Green Chartreuse custard and sorbet
    24 €
  • The Tonka bean soufflé, crispy, Grand Cru 64% chocolate from Madagascar
    flowing hearth, chocolate ice cream, Espelette pepper and flower of salt
    26 €
  • Grand Cru Chocolate Maracaibo 65%
    Flowing heart with Piedmont’s hazelnut Tahitian vanilla and candied Cédrat
    26 €
  • The apple pressé
    Tatin-style baked, lime meringue shell, Granny smith apple and black olive
    26 €
  • Raspberries and tagete
    Textured pistachio from Bronte, Smoked raspberry juice
    26 €


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Practical information

Schedules restaurant Albert 1er

  • Lunch : 12.15pm to 1.30pm
  • Dinner : 7.15pm to 9.00pm


Weekly closure

  • Wednesday and Thursday

Closing 2023

Close for lunch on Tuesday 23rd of May 2023.




* The particularity of cuisine proposed by our chef is not suitable and cannot be adapted for a vegan diet.
** Menu proposals are possible for special events, receptions and group meals.
*** Animals are not permitted in the Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant

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