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La Maison Carrier

Traditional restaurant

La Maison Carrier restaurant

"Discovering authentic and flavorful local cuisine,
Immersing oneself in the world of Maison Carrier is like stepping back in time, magically finding oneself in an old alpine farm that exudes the scent of aged wood and the comforting aroma of dishes reminiscent of our grandmothers. It's savoring the joy of a perfect harmony between the setting and the food.

A delight at every moment, Maison Carrier is a unique country restaurant. The charm of its decor can be attributed to a pair of passionate pioneers of rural mountain architecture: Pierre Carrier, the owner, and his accomplice, the architect Bernard Ferrari. Let's set the scene: Beneath the facade of this beautiful alpine farm, a remarkable architectural achievement from 1997, lovely tables are set up on the terrace or placed on the garden grass whenever the weather allows, offering an exceptional panoramic view of the Mont Blanc massif. Inside, the rustic setting with its history-laden paneling, small-paned windows, white-clothed tables with blue glacier checkered napkins, and vintage furniture... is incredibly charming. After the visual pleasure, comes the pleasure of the palate!

Enjoy your meal!"


"Back at Maison Carrier... after an impressive journey and experience at prestigious gastronomic establishments (Ducasse, Troisgros...), the young Evian-native Cédric Nogueira, who had previously worked at the restaurant, returned as the head chef in December 2021.

In this renowned establishment, honored with a Bib Gourmand by the Michelin guide, he plays with a menu inspired by timeless dishes once lovingly prepared by Clothilde and Marcel Carrier. The Maison's blood sausage, the rack of lamb cooked under the farm's 'Borne,' it's a true culinary heritage!

Frequented year-round by Chamonix locals and Savoyards (which is always a good sign), as well as by guests of the Hameau and tourists from the resort, Maison Carrier has character and a history already established. This requires true talent on the part of Chef Cédric Nogueira to find his place and creative freedom. For him, it's about adding his personal touch to recipes that have delighted diners for over a quarter of a century without neglecting his desire to update the dishes and add his own twist!

Cédric intervenes notably in cooking methods, favoring low-temperature cooking to preserve flavor. He dares to transform the essential 'House pike quenelle,' which has swapped its legendary crayfish sauce for one with lobster. He also offers new preparations and accompaniments, such as serving calf's head with ravigote sauce in carpaccio style, giving it a different appearance on the plate as well as in the mouth.

The dishes of our grandmothers, highlighting carefully selected local products from the mountainous region, the cheeses from both Savoie regions, the fish from alpine lakes... are accompanied by crisp garden salads, aromatic herbs, and garden vegetables, and sometimes, edible flowers... They have a devoted audience, enthusiasts of these authentic 'Madeleines de Proust,' each bite awakening memories... Cédric Nogueira's idea and wish are to expand the circle of connoisseurs, lovers of traditional French cuisine, thanks to his expertise.

It's a balancing act in which he excels since even regulars applaud his innovations, as noted by Romain Debruyne. Maître d'hôtel at Maison Carrier since 1997, he arrived here as a young lad, right after finishing high school, at the age of eighteen for his first job! 

Romain is unparalleled in suggesting the perfect food and wine pairings and introducing you to winemakers, especially regional gems. He is the custodian of a cellar rich in prestigious names and delightful discoveries. For him, 'The image of the Maison must remain unchanged, with a desire to evolve without changing what defines its identity. We have the Michelin Bib Gourmand, the Maître Restaurateur label, as a traditional country restaurant. We also need to live up to the 5* Relais & Châteaux hotel.' A successful challenge and a delightful complement to the Michelin-starred restaurant Albert 1er, both in terms of the menu and the ambiance.

Special mention for 'the Vré of all grandmother's pies'
On the menu, in the Maison Carrier's offerings, or at tea time, the numerous desserts presented on the Vré's wooden rustic platters, once used to age cheeses and protect them from rodents, delight everyone – young and old alike. A cult is devoted to Breton pastry chef Patrick Guellec, who has been faithfully at his post since 2008. He prepares this bountiful buffet and fills us with joy with his pies, crème renversée, chocolate mousse, beautiful bowls of syrupy fruits, floating island, Savoie cake, tiramisu, sweet treats, macarons, and fruit jellies...

And as if that weren't enough, under the guidance of Chef Cédric Nogueira, he adds a new dessert, a pear, chocolate, and Tonka bean entremet. A Maison Carrier twist on the classic poached pear dessert, 'Belle Hélène.


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"Alpine cuisine, a few dishes that have stood the test of time."

"Boudin de la Maison & 'Carti à la Chrive'; Savoyard Fondue 'Half-Half'; Stone Soup but also Savoyard Farçon; Prune Turnovers; Savoy Biscuit. These dishes are the identity of our mountain regions. Here, we tell you about the Savoyard Farçon."

En savoir plus

The vegetable garden, herb garden, and orchard of the Hameau, muse of Cédric Nogueira.

The vegetable garden, a muse for Cédric Nogueira.

Together with Damien Leveau, the chef of the Albert 1er restaurant, he shares the generous vegetable garden of the Hameau. Cédric and his team visit it up to twice a day to harvest vegetables, aromatic herbs, or flowers as needed, without excess. Sometimes, he finds inspiration there and appreciates the convenience and freedom of having natural and fresh products at hand: 'You have to adapt to the harvest, step out of your comfort zone! Last year, for example, we had an abundance of chard, which gave me the idea to make them into a salad, and it was very well-received!' The latest discovery is working with tansy, a highly aromatic herbaceous plant with which he prepares an infused oil to accompany a fera carpaccio. A new dish soon to be on the menu!

As for the blackberries and raspberries from the garden, one must be quicker than the lightning-fast Valentin, the pastry chef at the Albert 1er restaurant, to pick them... unless our guests nibble on them as they pass by.

"Bernard Ferrari & Pierre Carrier, the builders of Hameau Albert 1er."

"With Bernard," emphasizes Pierre Carrier, "we are dreamers; we like the story to be complete!" Pierre and Bernard are the architects of this exemplary success born from a truly audacious construction project that was completed in December 1997. Three beautiful Savoyard farms, the foundation of Hameau Albert 1er, rise from the ground. One houses the country restaurant - Maison Carrier and a suite. Another holds the Spa - Le Bachal (a local dialect term for basin) and the swimming pool. The largest one contains twelve rooms and suites. Pierre Carrier, who nurtured this somewhat crazy project down to the smallest details, had been scavenging for years, cleaning, and storing old wood from abandoned mountain farms and chalets. If "The quality of a new project, according to Bernard Ferrari, is to feed a nostalgia," then Maison Carrier is the perfect illustration of it."


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  • Lunch service : 12noon to 2pm
  • Dinner service : 7pm to 9.30pm

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Closing on the 1st September until the 13rd of December 2024


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