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    Or the irresistible desire to go higher
    176 €
  • Calf's foot, smoked leek vichyssoise, quail eggs, imperial oscietre caviar
  • Geneva Lake’s perch fillets and local snails’ fricassee, soufflé potatoes, watercress, brown butter and lemon sauce
  • Marinated local tomatoes, Persillé de Tignes ice cream, garden herbs' crumble, tomato juice
  • Lacquered Féra fish, roasted Savoy cauliflower, lemon and velvety sauce with catnip from the garden
  • Lacquered milk-fed veal sweetbread, young local carrots, Meyer lemon and gentian sauce
  • Roasted "French hunter" venison, garden's chard ravioli, lemon thyme juice
  • Beaufort cheese ice-cream, cereal's tuile, sorrel from the garden
  • Fresh and aged cheese trolley
    15 €uro supplement
  • Mara des Bois strawberries, black olives, sheep's milk of the Ayze sheepfold
  • Choice of desserts from the menu
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    Le menu est prévu uniquement pour tous les convives d’une même table, possibilité de l'associer avec un menu Jardin suspendu en 5 plats


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    The way of the unexpected
  • 3 course menu, cheese or dessert
    125 €
  • 2 course menu, cheese or dessert
    (Lunchtime only)
    85 €
  • Supplement for cheese and dessert
    15 €
  • Mushrooms Royale and juniper berries in nasturtium ravioli, chanterelles and tarragon broth
  • Crayfish from the Loire basin, spelled cooked like a risotto, claw swim in emulsion, celery and mountain ache
  • Blue lobster and ravioli from the claws, fondant cooked fennel, vanilla head juice
  • Pan fried Geneva Lake Fera, young local carrots, Cédrat lemon, carrots and Genépi sauce
  • Cabbage cooked like a risotto, hazelnuts and candied lemon; green apple and basil raviolo
  • Pieces of Sisteron lamb cooked on the embers, zucchini and local tomatoes, picholine olives and lemon thyme juice
  • Roasted guinea fowl, offal tartlet, chanterelles, hazelnut from Piémont and savory juice from the garden
  • Mountain Sérac ravioli, garden vegetables according to the daily harvest, pickled chanterelles, sprigs jus
  • Fresh and aged local cheeses
  • Green Chartreuse soufflé
  • Cazette soufflé, crispy Java chocolate and Cazette flower, Cazette ice cream with salt
  • Organic Ambanja chocolate, Savoy mushrooms, girolles in pickles, lemon thyme sorbet
  • Peach Baba, tempura shiso leaves, tangy lime jus, Timut pepper meringue, white peach and shiso sorbet
  • "Crêpes flambées", raspberries and Agastache plants
  • Wild blueberries, creamy burrata cheese and garden’s hyssop sorbet


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    From mountain valley pastures to vegetable gardens.
  • 5 course menu and two desserts
    160 €
  • 3 course menu and one dessert
    125 €
  • 2 course menu, cheese or dessert
    (Lunchtime only)
    85 €


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Practical information

Schedules restaurant Albert 1er

  • Lunch : 12:15pm to 1:30pm
  • Dinner : 7:15pm to 9:00pm


Weekly closure

  • Wednesday and Thursday all day

Annual closure 2021

Sunday 12th September to Friday 17th December


* The particularity of cuisine proposed by our chef is not suitable and cannot be adapted for a vegan diet.
** Menu proposals are possible for special events, receptions and group meals.
*** Animals are not permitted in the Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant

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