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This menu is proposed for lunch and dinner

Menu la Maison de Savoie 176€


  • Savoy button mushroom stock, foie gras cooked in a salt and seasonnal mushrooms.
  • Lake Geneva trout, Savoy leeks sabayon and trout roe.
  • Half- smoked lake Geneva dace tartar, Ossetra Imperial caviar, lovage ice- cream.
  • Tin tart with local ceps, « vin jaune » juice and garden herbs.
  • Char fish with bread crust, sand carrot, pike roe condiment and caraway sauce.
  • Roe deer fillet, Savoy pear cooked with sweet spices and lemon- thyme juice.
  • Lacquered veal sweetbread, Savoy cider, celery cooked in a salt crust.
  • Crispy « fondue » from our mountains and watercress.
  • Cheese trolley. (15€ supplement)
  • Savoy apple and Granny like a « tatin », Madagascar vanilla ice- cream.
  • Java Grand Cru chocolate 64%, 72 hours conching process, smoked Piemontese hazelnut with vine stalks.
This menu is proposed for lunch and dinner

Menu "Petite fête gourmande"

  • Starter, dish, cheese or desert - 78€
  • Starter, first dish, second dish, Cheese or Dessert - €110
    Menu changed daily according to the products on the market
  • - Rock octopus / confit pig breast / Savoy eggplant / herbs from our garden
  • - Smoked eel / foie gras stock / celery / black garlic
  • - Carrots / citrus / herbs from our garden (V)
  • ***
  • - Line caught pollack / carrots / « beurre blanc » with sorrel from our garden / oxalis
  • - Lake Geneva dace / confit Savoy potatoes / pike roes / lemon- thyme butter sauce
  • - Ceps mushroom / parsley raviole / organic egg yolk / mushrooms stock (V)
  • ***
  • - Aged « Excellence » duck / beetroot / blackberries / pine powder
  • - Milk- fed veal from « Limousin » / local ceps and potatoes pie / foie gras and vin jaune juice
  • - Artichoke / creamy lemon / « verjus » juice (V)
  • ***
  • Local, fresh and aged cheeses trolley
  • ***
  • Flambe fig, lemon thyme, walnut and sheep milk ice cream from « la Bergerie d’Ayze »
  • Green Chartreuse soufflé
  • Tonka bean soufflé and crispy hazelnut, Sao Palmé chocolate, espelette pepper and salt flower
  • Grand Cru wild chocolate 68% Bolivia, black cardamom and almond
  • Faisselle cheese and homemade honey
(up to 10 years old) for 38€

Children's Menu

  • To be established with the maître d'hôtel

À la carte


  • Green asparaguses from Robert Blanc cooked on embers,
    pan- fried Lake Geneva perch, Meyer lemon and black olives condiment, lemon thyme sabayon.
    60 €
  • Dublin Bay prawns just cooked, shellfish sabayon, edible crab and Granny Smith apple.
    In carpaccio, Ossetra Imperial caviar.
    70 €
  • Beaufort cheese ravioli and leek, poultry oyster, Albuféra sauce and black truffle.
    Boiled egg with truffle and “mouillette”.
    70 €
  • Ossetra caviar served with buckwheat blinis and thick cream
    95 € les 30g / 156 € les 50g

Fish courses

  • Lake Geneva dace fish fished by Eric Jacquier in two ways:
    - half-smoked in tartar, potatoes, rye bread, pine dressing and pike roe - just cooked, confit celery, gentian and lemon sabayon.
    70 €
  • Savoy trout in two ways:
    - cooked with salt, Gruyère double cream, egg yolk condiment and Imperial Ossetra caviar. - confite, grilled white asparagus, cedrat and sauce with mountain honey and Mont Blanc saffron.
    80 €
  • Char fish in two ways :
    - half-smoked, crayfish, root vegetables and sobacha stock - snacked, “Cévennes” sweet onions cannelloni, bacon and black truffle.
    80 €


    30 €
  • For the cheese, we propose you one wine pairing with three glasses (4cl)
    selected by the sommelier.
    33 €


  • Dessert trolley with a large choice of gateaux,
    fresh fruit and homemade seasonal sorbets.
    30 €
  • Warm soufflés
    green Chartreuse soufflé with homemade Chartreuse ice cream or warm yellow Charteuse soufflé with homemade liquorice ice cream.
    26 €
  • Soufflée sugar apple,
    granny smith foam, cider caramel and green apple cider sorbet.
    26 €
  • Crêpes Suzette
    vanilla ice cream.
    26 €
  • Maltese orange, tarragon, smooth cream and smoked almond.
    26 €
  • Buckwheat and Brasilian 100% Arabica coffee.
    26 €


  • Lacquered free range milk- fed veal sweetbread minute applewood smoked,
    Zitone n°19, seasonal mushrooms, green asparaguse from Robert Blanc, homemade cider juice.
    70 €
  • « Pyrénées » suckling lamb cooked on ember, confit shoulder,
    puntarelle, artichoke and black lemon juice.
    70 €
  • Roasted Bresse poularde breast, leg and liver in parmentier,
    “vin jaune” polenta and poultry juice.
    70 €
  • Beef in two ways:
    - in tartar, smoked foie gras. - cooked on embers, potatoes, confit onion and sauce with Chamonix gin.
    70 €











Practical information

Schedules restaurant Albert 1er

  • Lunch : 12:15pm to 1:30pm
  • Dinner : 7:15pm to 9:00pm

Weekly closure

  • Wednesday and Thursday all day

Annual closure 2020

  • Sunday evening 4th until Friday 9th October 2020 lunch included.
  • Sunday 11 evening until Friday 16 October 2020 lunch included.
  • Tuesday 20 evening until Friday 23 October 2020 lunch included.
  • Tuesday 27 evening until Friday 30 October 2020 lunch included.
  • Sunday November 1st in the evening until Thursday December 3rd 2020 included. 


* The particularity of cuisine proposed by our chef is not suitable and cannot be adapted for a vegan diet.
** Menu proposals are possible for special events, receptions and group meals.
*** Animals are not permitted in the Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant

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