La Maison Carrier restaurant

À la carte

Starters 'à la carte'

  • Homemade black pudding, "Carti à la Chirve".
    21 €
  • Veal head, 'ravigote' sauce.
    22 €
  • Charr fish candied in salt, white cabbage and lemon's marmalade, mint from our garden and tomato's vinaigrette.
    22 €
  • Homemade liver poultry 's terrine, roasted white onions.
    21 €
  • Fera fish from Leman's carpaccio, abondance, orange oil and "tanaisie" from our garden and "syracuse" 's lemon.
    19 €
  • Starter of the day from our board.
    16 € to 20 €

Main dishes 'à la carte'

  • Pork's "secreto" cooked 12 hours, vinegar shallot, artichoke cooked with orange and strong juice.
    37 €
  • Snacked beef fillet, French morel sauce, local potato cake.
    52 €
  • Roasted rack of lamb, pine nut's caponata, candied garlic juice.
    for 2 persons
    45 € per person
  • Dish of the day from our board.
    25 €
  • Cheese "fondue" half/half (Vacherin Fribourgeois & Comté), green salad.
    29 €
  • Penne's pasta cheese gratin, morels sauce.
    25 €
  • Penne's pasta gratin, mushroom's sauce.
    42 €
  • Seasonal vegetable's plate, infused oil with herbs from our garden, green chickpeas' houmous.
    23 €
  • Kids Menu (Main Dish + Dessert)
    Please consult the Maître d'Hôtel
    17 €

Fish 'à la carte'

  • Homemade pike dumpling, lobster sauce and saffron risotto.
    32 €
  • Savoy trout steak, pasta "trofie" and homemade red pesto.
    35 €
  • Fish of the day
    To consult the Maître d'Hôtel.
    28 €

Desserts 'à la carte'

  • The cheese trolley from our region.
    18 €
  • Selection of Grandmother's Tarts.
    15 €
  • Chocolates and honey madeleine cakes will be served with coffee
    (We highly recommend you to dip your madeleines in red wine !)

Daily Menu

  • Starter, main course and dessert (Lunch and Diner, Excepted bank holidays)
    39 €
  • Entrée/Plat OU Plat/Dessert ( Lunch, Excepted week-end and public holidays)
    28 €
  • Caviar d'aubergine aux fèves de soja, crème de chèvre frais et mocetta.
  • Tartare de betteraves confites au sel, haddock fumé
    et vinaigrette à la graine de moutarde.
  • Poitrine de porc confite dix heures, ragout de lentilles à la paysanne.
  • Filet d'omble saisi sur la peau, crème aux olives et compotée de fenouil.

Menu 'Tout Cochon' 55 €

  • Homemade 'terrine', roasted white onion's compote.
  • Homemade black pudding, 'Carti à la Chirve'.
  • Roasted pig's trotter, tomato and oregano condiment.
  • Piglet's secreto cooked 12 hours, vinegar shallots, artichoke cooked with orange and strong juice.
  • The cheese trolley from our region.
  • Selection of Grandmother's Tarts.

From 2pm to 4pm Menu

  • Homemade free range poultry 'terrine', Jura wine and ceps
    (We highly recommend you to dip your madeleines in red wine!)
  • Plate of smoked pork meat
  • Starters of the day
    15€ - 19€
  • Green salad
  • Dish of the day
  • Fish of the day
  • Cheese 'fondue' half and half (Vacherin Fribourgeois & Comté), green salad
  • Macaroni cheese gratin, mushroom's sauce
  • Local Savoie cheese
  • Selection of Grand Mother's tarts

Afternoon Tea Time

  • Our Vré of Homemade desserts & hot afternoon drink.
    Wednesday to Sunday from 3pm to 5.30pm


- Fermeture saisonnière du 29 Mai au 16 Juin 2023 -

Réservez votre table dès maintenant


Practical information

Opening times

  • Lunch service : 12noon to 2pm
  • Dinner service : 7pm to 9.30pm

Weekly closure

Monday & Tuesday

Annual closing 2023

From 06 November to 13th December 2023 (open for dinner)


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