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La Maison Carrier restaurant


Dish of the day - 19€

  • Braised breast of veal,
    Foie gras sauce and potatoes cake.
  • Seabream filet pan fried on the skin,
    seasonal vegetables and sorel cream.

Whole pork Menu (or the pig, from head to tail) – 46 €

  • Homemade terrine with chicken liver,
    local mushroom " pied de mouton", candied onions with balsamic.
  • Homemade black pudding,
    sauted potatoes, bacon, pears and onions
  • Grilled pig’s trotter with bearnaise sauce
    potato gratin.
  • Wild boar 'stew with "coffa" sauce,
    young spring onion and local potato cake.
  • Selection of Savoie cheeses
  • Selection of Grandmother’s Tarts
Up to 8 years old

Children’s menu - 14 €

  • Pour vos enfants, nous vous proposons de composer le menu ensemble.

Menu - 35€

Starter, dish and desert to be chosen on the daily proposal: 35€
Starter/main-course OR main-course/dessert to be chosen on the daily proposal: 28€

  • Monkfish's rillette and squid in tomatoes sauce,
    crusty aragula.
  • Calf's head with ravigote's sauce OR
    Black pudding from the house, apples and quinces from our garden.
  • Braised breast of veal,
    foie gras sauce and potatoes cake.
  • Seabream fillet pan fried on the skin,
    seasonal vegetables and sorel cream.
  • Local cheese.
  • Grand-mother tarts buffet.

À la carte


  • Homemade terrine with chicken liver,
    local mushrooms "pieds de mouton" in vinegar, candied onions in balsamic.
    17 €
  • Homemade blackpudding
    "carti à la Chirve"
    18 €
  • Calf head
    with spicy herb sauce
    17 €
  • Half-cooked salmon,
    black radish from our garden and marinated kohlrabi with shellfish oil.
    22 €
  • Pumpkin 's cream, egg cooked at 62°,
    coppa, chesnuts and parmesan 's cheese.
    20 €

Freshwater and seawater fish

  • Pike “quenelle” with crayfish from our lakes
    piedmontese risotto
    29 €
  • Steamed 's char fish fillet,
    artichoke 's chips and cream, steamed potatoes.
    28 €
  • Pan fried sea bass fillets on a skin,
    betroots and parnips, butter's sauce.
    30.00 €

Main dishes

  • Beef filet cooked on a plancha
    betroots and parnips, bone marrow 's juice and parsley.
    32 €
  • Rack of lamb cooked in the open fire,
    "pourpier" from our garden and seasonal vegetables. (for 2 persons)
    32 € / person
  • Grilled pig’s trotter with bearnaise sauce,
    savoyard potatoes gratin
    20 €
  • Plates of autumn vegetables with roasted hazelnut,
    side of the day
    19 €
  • Wild boar 's stew with "coffa" sauce,
    young spring onions and local potato cake.
    24.00 €
  • Deer steack,
    Grand Veneur 's sauce with lingonberry, pumpkins and chesnuts.
    29 €

Cheese specialities

  • Macaroni pasta gratin
    with wild mushrooms and Fontine cheese from Val d’Aosta
    22 €
  • Fondue with Swiss and Savoie cheeses
    21 €


  • Local cheeses
    15 €
  • Desert of the day
    13 €


  • Chocolates and honey madeleine cakes will be served with coffee
    (We highly recommend you dip your madeleines in red wine!)

Practical information

Opening times

  • Lunch service : 12noon to 2pm
  • Dinner service : 7pm to 9.30pm

Weekly closure

Monday & Tuesday

Annual closure 2021

Sunday 7th November to Friday 17th December



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