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  • Candied tomatoes and tomato tartar, Serac cheese from our mountains, Tomato and meadowsweet sorbet
    45 €
  • Flower and zucchini from the garden, pike mousseline, lake Geneva smoke dace, grilled zucchini broth
    47 €
  • Crayfish from the Loire basin in two ways: Ravioli and claws juice infused with catnip from garden
    In tartar, pike egg’s
    48 €
  • Lake Geneva dace, sand carrots, carrots sauce and mandarin tagette from the garden
    64 €
  • Line fishing, blue feet and chanterelle mushrooms, creamy verjuice
    67 €
  • Chartreuse milk-fed veal sweetbreads, young carrot, kumquat condiment, carrot and gentian sauce from Père Chartreux
    68 €
  • Piece of lamb Allaiton cooked over the embers then smoked with vine shoots, eggplant,lamb juice with tomatoes
    65 €
  • Chartreuse milk-fed veal chop, caper, sage and lemon condiment, crispy gnocchi and chanterelle
    75 €/PERS


  • --
    De prés en vallées, de jardins en potager
  • Menu 3 plats fromage et un dessert
    125 €
  • Menu 2 plats fromage ou dessert (uniquement pour le déjeuner)
    85 €
  • Fromage ou dessert en supplément
    25 €


  • ---
    Or the irresistible desire to go higher
    176 €
  • Candied tomatoes and tomato tartar, Serac cheese from our mountains, Tomato and meadowsweet sorbet
  • Lake Geneva perch, green apple, celery and mountain ache
  • Cepe mushrooms, pesto ravioli, beef broth infused with garden herbs
  • Green beans, raspberry, fresh almonds, Oscietra Imperial caviar, fragrant woodruff sauce
  • Lake Geneva Artic char, cauliflower, sauce tagette and cauliflower
  • Chartreuse milk-fed veal sweetbreads, young carrot, kumquat condiment, carrot and gentian sauce from Père Chartreux
    Or Back of Alsatian venison roasted, fig, garden beet and fig leaf infused juice
  • Fresh and aged cheese trolley
  • Cottage cheese from the Vallorcine farm, hamlet honey, willow pollen and wild blackberry
  • Choice of desserts from the menu
  • ---
    Tasting menu is intended for all guests at one table, possibility of combining it with a 5- course Hanging Garden menu


  • ---
    The way of the unexpected
  • 3-course menu, cheese and dessert
    125 €
  • 2-course menu, cheese or dessert
    (Lunchtime only)
    85 €
  • Supplement for cheese and dessert
    25 €
  • Lake Geneva dace cooked in salt, young tangy vegetables, garden verbena sauce
  • Lake Geneva fishing just seared, celery and mountain ache, creamy bone jus
  • Aubrac-Wagyu beef cooked over the embers then glazed with barley miso, sweet onion tagliatelle from the Cévennes, potato mousseline
  • Fresh and mature cheeses or dessert to choose from "Our desserts"
  • --


  • The green Chartreuse soufflé
    24 €
  • Sweetpepper, garden sage, Piquillos sorbet and montain milk white chocolate
    26 €
  • Roasted cinnamon soufflé, tatin-style baked apple, Granny Smith apple sorbet with lemon geranium
    26 €
  • Raspberry and goat cheese from the Roc rouge farm refreshed with garden tansy
    26 €
  • The FlaverKing plum in different textures, mandarin marigold from the garden
    26 €


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Practical information

Schedules restaurant Albert 1er

  • Lunch : 12:15pm to 1:30pm
  • Dinner : 7:15pm to 9:00pm


Weekly closure

  • Monday and Tuesday for lunch
  • Wednesday and Thursday all day

Closure 2022

Autumn: from Sunday, October 16th in the morning to Friday, December 9th 2022 (open for dinner)

The restaurant Albert 1er will be closed on Thursday, July 14th 2022


* The particularity of cuisine proposed by our chef is not suitable and cannot be adapted for a vegan diet.
** Menu proposals are possible for special events, receptions and group meals.
*** Animals are not permitted in the Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant

Our offers

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