The Bachal

A spa where the treatment is exclusive.

At Le Bachal relaxation area, everything is possible. Our menu, already rich in multiple variations and offerings, is designed to be personalized: massages tailored to your needs, facial treatments adapted to your skin. Here, we don't follow strict and arbitrary 'protocols.' With genuine empathy and a passion for their profession, a desire to do good and provide solutions, the professionals at Le Bachal listen to the client who opens up to be taken care of with precision. Personalization continues even in the composition of custom essential oil blends: 'Before offering a treatment, we take the time to talk. Based on expectations, personality, desires, and the season, we prepare a customized treatment,' explains Catherine Concina, one of the loyal members of the Spa team.

Like a magical potion, the targeted blend, applied by skillful hands, becomes more effective and enjoyable. In the summer, rhododendron (anti-inflammatory) joins juniper (ideal for circulation) and rosewood (relaxing). In the winter, warmer notes like cinnamon and bitter orange take center stage. Each independent practitioner welcomes you at Le Bachal Spa and is delighted to have 'the freedom to adjust treatments, forget the rigidity of standard protocols, and above all, approach each client holistically.


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Prendre le temps d’un matin au Hameau Albert 1er  c’est profiter d’ une pause alliant  un petit déjeuner 5* face à la chaîne du Mont-Blanc à un moment de détente et bien-être Petit-déjeuner servi dan…


Chambre automne
Catégorie : Hôtel 25/10/23

Un séjour d’exception au Hameau Albert 1er : Un cocon chaleureux, moderne et traditionnel

À l'approche de l’hiver, quand la nature se pare de ses couleurs chatoyantes et que le temps est encore clément, le Hameau Albert 1er à Chamonix se révèle comme une retraite idyllique.

clé verte
Catégorie : Hameau Albert 1er 20/10/23

L'Écologie au Cœur de Notre Hôtel : Le Hameau Albert 1er et la Clé Verte

Au Hameau Albert 1er à Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, notre engagement envers l'excellence ne se limite pas seulement à offrir un séjour inoubliable à nos clients.

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