Live Music Programme
Jazzy QuartzBar


From 7pm to 10pm at the QuartzBar : 


Friday10th  May          Olivier Rouquier
Saturday 11th May      Lucile Marchal

Friday 17th May          Estelle Giordani
Saturday 18th May      Estelle Giordani
Sunday 19th May        Pactrick Joly 

Friday 24th May            Arnaud Adam
Saturday 25th May        Arnaud Adam 

Friday 31st May             Olivier Rouquier
Samedi 1st  June           Olivier Rouquier



Friday 7th June                Arnaud Adam 
Saturday 8th June           Olivier Rouquier

Friday 14th June              Arnaud Adam 
Saturday 15th June         Arnaud Adam

Vendredi 21st June        Estelle Giordani 
Samedi 22nd June         Estelle Giordani

Friday 28th June          Elizabeth Thompson
Saturday 29th June      Elizabeth Thompson

Friday 5th July            Olivier Rouquier 
Saturday 6th July       Olivier Rouquier
Sunday 7th July          Patrick Joly 
Monday 8th July         Arnaud Adam
Tuesday 9th July        Lucile Marchal 
Friday 12th July          Germain Destremont
Saturday 13th July      Germain Destremont 
Sunday 14th July        Germain Destremont 
Monday15th July         Germain Destremont 
Tuesday 16th July       Germain Destremont

Friday 19th July           Arnaud Adam
Saturday 20th July      Jean-marie Honnet
Sunday 21st July        Jean-marie Honnet 
Monday 22nd July      Jean-marie Honnet 
Tuesday 23rd July      Jean-marie Honnet 

Friday 26th July          Jean-marie Honnet 
Saturday 27th July      Jean-marie Honnet
Sunday 28th July         Lucile Marchal
Monday 29th July        Olivier Rouquier
Tuesday 30th July       Olivier Rouquier 


Thursday 1st August   Steffania Garotta

Friday 2nd August        Steffania Garotta
Saturday 3rd August     Steffania Garotta 
Sunday 4th August       Steffania Garotta 
Monday 5th August      Steffania Garotta
Tuesday 6th August     Steffania Garotta 

Thursday 8th August     Arnaud Adam 

Friday 9th August         Arnaud Adam
Saturday 10th August        
Sunday 11th August      Lucile Marchal 
Monday 12th August     Olivier Rouquier  
Tuesday 13th August    Olivier Rouquier

Thursday 15th August    Arnaud Adam 

Friday 16th August         Arnaud Adam
Saturday 17th August    Olivier Rouquier 
Sunday 18th August       Patrick Joly 
Monday 19th August      Thais et Yacha
Tuesday 20th August     Thais et Yacha

Thursday 22nd August   Elizabeth Thompson

Friday 23rd August         Arnaud Adam 
Saturday 24th August     Patrick Joly 
Sunday 25th August       Lucile Marchal 
Monday 26th August
Tuesday 27th August      Olivier Rouquier 

Thursday 29th August     Germain Destremont 

Friday 30th August          Germain Destremont
Saturday 31st August      Germain Destremeont 
Sunday 1st September    Germain Destremont 


Friday 6th September      Estelle Giordani
Saturday 7th September  Estelle Giordani

Friday 13th September      Elizabeth Thompson 
Saturday 14th September  Elizabeth Thompson 

Practical information

Opening 2023

Every day from 10.00am to 11.00pm

Closing 2023

From 16th October to 8th December 2023 (open for dinner)


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A 5* breakfast followed by a 30 minutes treatment at the Spa ' Le Bachal ' with access to our relaxation room hammam and sauna. Only 6 places available daily. Price : 196 € / 2 pers

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