Wine Tasting Lunches

Introduction déjeuners oenologiques

Alain Gousse, head sommelier of our Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant will be delighted to share with you his passion for wine. He proposes a monthly meeting of one or several wine makers, in which they share their know-how and allow you to discover their best wines through a tasting. The morning wine tasting session is followed by a gastronomic lunch in the Albert 1er restaurant with the elaboration of a special menu in accordance with the winemaker’s wines, who will take pleasure in joining you at the table.

Wine tasting lunches - Champages Ulysse Collin

La Maison de Champagne Ulysse Collin

This coming December, we invite you to discover a great ‘Maison de Champagne’ in order to prepare ‘Christmas time’ together.

Saturday 10th December and Sunday 11th December 2016

The Collin family started in 1703 running both business vineyard and cooperage. The Congy vineyard is very special by is situation, the chalk is tender and the clay is rich. Olivier is guided by an organic farming sensitivity. The tillage and the vinification with oak enable him to evolve. Since 2003, his production is fragmented, declined in three different cuvees: ‘Les Pierrieres’, ‘les Maillons’ and ‘les Roises’. Since 2011, he makes a very nice rosé from ‘Les Maillons’. A new cuvée is coming again, his name will be ‘Les Enfers’.

The morning tasting session is followed by a gastronomic lunch in the Albert 1er restaurant. Pierre proposes you a menu elaborated match perfectly with the Champagnes of Mr Collin. Mr Collin will take pleasure in joining you at the table.

10:30 am - Tasting of 4 different Champagnes :
- ‘Les Pierrières’ 2012
- ‘Les Maillons’ 2012
- ‘Le Rosé de Saignée des Maillons’ 2013
- ‘Les Roises’ 2012

12:00 noon - Lunch at the 'Albert 1er' restaurant

Gratinated oysters with Champagne

‘Black Poulette’ breast poached from Mr Bodin’s butcher, truffles under the skin,
cardoons simmered.


Appel Tatin, light vanilla cream.
Bite-sized chocolates and dessert

Champagnes served with this menu:

‘Les Pierrières’ 2008
‘Les Maillons’ 2011
‘Les Enfers’ 2010
‘Les Roises’ 2012

The price for the wine tasting and the gastronomic lunch is 95 €uro per person.
The lunchtime menu only including wine, water and coffee is 70 €uro per person.


Some practical information :

Next winetasting lunches:

Saturday 14th January and Sunday 15th January 2017 - Mr Thibault Liger Bélair, Nuits St Georges in Burgundy
Saturday 4th February and Sunday 5th February 2017 - Mr Piere Marie Chermette, Beaujolais
Saturday 18th March and Sunday 19th March 2017 -  Domaine de La Vrille, Italian vineyard from Chambave

Saturday 22nd April and Sunday 23rd April 2017 -  Mr Vincent Girardin, from Meursault

If you wish to receive the detailled programme for the next events please give us your email address here

The wine tasting takes place at 10.30am in the Albert 1er salons.
We ask you to join us in the Albert 1er entrance hall, about 15 minutes before the start of the wine tasting.
It will be followed by lunch at the gastronomic restaurant 'Albert 1er' at 12:00 noon.

We wish to inform you that it is not possible to sign up solely for the wine tasting, however you are welcome to sign up just for the lunch, which will end around 3.00pm.
N.B. In order to guarantee your reservation, we ask you your credit card details (long number, expiration date and security code).
In case of cancellation 48 hours prior to the wine tasting concerned, the value of the wine tasting lunch per cancelled person will be charged, except if we manage to find somebody to replace you.
Thank you for your understanding.

We are already at your disposal for any reservation requests.
You can contact us for information and availability at:
Please feel free to reserve as of now, so as not to miss out on these exceptional meetings at the Albert 1er.