La Maison Carrier

Restaurant de pays la Maison Carrier

Enhancing the flavours of a bygone era

Revisiting a cuisine from the past, in a mountain style setting. A 'Vré' carousel of desserts in the centre of the restaurant, house wines and a popular ‘montagnard’ cuisine.

Traditionally decorated, you can enjoy local cuisine in this reconstructed Savoyard farm. Discover the dishes that our grandmothers made and simmered away for hours on the stove. In the summer, sit on the terrace which looks out on Mont Blanc, in the winter settle down by the tall Savoyard fireplace, and enjoy popular dishes such as: 'Tête de veau' in a seasoned sauce, grilled pigs trotters, chicken liver pâté, spit-roasted rack of lamb, pike dumpings in a crayfish sauce, Piedmonteuse risotto or pan-fried fera fillet.

Chef Stéphane Gassot has also revisited some cheese specialities and modernisied some classic desserts. Delicious food which will take you back to flavours from an earlier time in the Alps. The vré is covered in tarts and a café gourmand allowing you to enjoy the restaurant's homemade chocolates and biscuits.

Serge Ratton will advise and serve you wines to suit your meal and your taste, with a selection of French grands crus and some regional wines.

Reservation by telephone : 0033 (0)4 50 53 00 03
Weekly closure : All day Monday except in July/August, and bank holidays.

Autumn closure
From 9th November 2014 after lunch,
reopening on Saturday 13th December 2014 for dinner.   

Spring closure
Sunday 31st May 2015 after lunch,
reopening on Saturday 20th June 2015 for dinner.