QuartzBar Live Music Programme

Winter 2014/2015

December 2014

Thursday 18th December: Guitarist solo, Fred Demeter

From 19th to 24th December: Duo Kristian Novak & Fred Demeter

From 25th December 2014 to 3rd January 2015: Duo Kristian Novak & Melita Lovricevic

January 2015

From 4th January to 1st February: pianist solo, Andreja Figy

February 2015

From 2nd to 7thFebruary: Pianist solo, Samir Hodzic

From 8th to 24th February: Duo Samir Hodzic & Andrada Codorean

Programme detailled here

The musicians that play in our QuartzBar, are presented on the 'Albert Lounge' CD.

To listen to some extracts from the album, or to download some songs, click here:

Autumn closure : From 2nd November to 5th December 2014
Springtime closure : From 3rd May to 22nd May 2015