La Carte

'La Maison Carrier' restaurant is open every day for lunch and for dinner, except on Mondays (except July/August and bank holidays)


Soup lile "Parmentier" with watercress and tomato, double cream and golden crouton

17 €

Homemade terrine, onions candied in the balsamic and mushrooms in vinegar

16 €

Homemade black pudding with sauted potatoes, bacon, pears and onions

15  €

Calf head with spicy herb sauce

14 €

Spring salad, fresh tome cheese and honey of bud of fir tree, fenel sausage "Longeole" from Magland

15 €

Ballotine of foie-gras, jam color tomato with tarragon, balsamic reduction and brioche like toast

25 €

Half smoked and half cooked salmon, with white asparagus cream and slightly acid carrots

18 €

Freshwater and seawater fish

Pike dumplings with a crayfish sauce and "Parmesan" cheese risotto

21 €

Pan-fried charr fish fillet, fricassée of green asparagus and spring onions, butter sauce

24 €

Monkfish "gigot" roasted with wild garlic, black tomato of Crimée and steamed potatoes

25 €

Pan-fried filet of fera fish, white asparagus, mountain cream and "roquette" salad

22 €

Main dishes

Rack of lamb cooked in the open fire, artichoke and candied shallots, spring vegetables (For 2 persons)

30 € / personne

Beef filet cooked on a plancha, white asparagus, mountain cream and "roquette" salad

30 €

Grilled pig's trotter with bearnaise sauce, local style gratin potatoes

16 €

Dish of the day

15 €

Spring vegetables, wild mushrooms "fricassée" and side of the day

19 €

Veal filet mignon roasted with morels and local potato cake

28 €

Knuckle of pork braised in the juniper berry, fricassée of potatoes "Ratte" and broad bean

26 €

Guinea fowl "supreme" from "Dombes" with rosemary, fresh peas and spring carrots, mustard's shoot

24 €

Cheese dishes

Macaroni pasta gratin with cheese and wild mushrooms

18 €

Blue lobster's risotto, crusty "parmesan" cheese, head's juice and mustard's shoot

25 €

Cheese fondue "half-half", Savoie and Swiss

17 €

Local Savoie cheeses

13 €


Selection of Grandmother's tarts

13 €

Desserts to be ordered at the beginning of the meal

Local plum fritters, red wine "Mondeuse" sauce with milk ice cream

11 €

Iced parfait with strawberries "Gariguette" and shortbread cookie

11 €

Apricots pie, fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream

11 €

Chocolates and  honey madeleine cakes will accompany your coffee (It is highly recommended to dip your madeleines in red wine!)

*** We remain at your disposal for menu proposals for your receptions, special events and group bookings.