La Carte

'La Maison Carrier' restaurant is open every day for lunch and for dinner, except on Mondays (except July/August and bank holidays).

The restaurant will be closed from Sunday 5th of November to Friday 8th of December 2017 included.
Reopening on Saturday 9th December 2017.


Appetizers buffet and crudités, local charcuterie and salad from our garden.

17 €

Homemade terrine with chicken liver, onions candied in the balsamic and mushrooms in vinegar.

16 €

Homemade black pudding with sauted potatoes, bacon, pears and onions.

16  €

Calf head with spicy herb sauce.

15 €

Summer salad with ' Longeôles sausage from Faucigny ', remoulade of black radish and green aple, wholegrain mustard.

17 €

Ballotine of duck foie gras, compote of rhubarb from our garden, balsamic reduction and toasted brioche.

25 €

Home made half-cooked and half-smoked salmon, cauliflower cream, artichoke cooked ' à la Grecque ' and crayfish oil.

18 €

Freshwater and seawater fish

Pike dumplings with a crayfish sauce, Pilaff rice

23 €

Poached char fish fillet, fresh peas and young carots cooked in a stock with herbs from our garden.

24 €

Pike-Perch filet and grilled eggplants, zucchini cooked ' à la Niçoise', savory butter.

25 €

Pan-fried féra fillet from lake Léman, compotee of fennel with anise and steamed potatoes.

24 €

Main dishes

Rack of lamb cooked in the open fire, potatoes fritter and young turnips.
(For 2 persons/ price per person)

30 € / person

Beef filet cooked on a plancha, marrowbone, summer vegetables and mustard shoot.

32 €

Grilled pig's trotter with bearnaise sauce, Savoyard potatoes gratin

16 €

Dish of the day

16 € weekdays / 18€ weekend

Summer vegetables, butter sauce, wild mushrooms "fricassée" and side of the day.

19 €

Rib of veal roasted on the bone, zucchini cooked ' à la Niçoise ', marjoram juice and colored tomatoes.

28 €

Guinea fowl supreme with Rosemary, pan fried duck foie gras and local potato cake.

28 €

Slow cooking pork filet mignon, with olives and tomatoes, mashed charlotte potatoes " Charlotte" with Virgin oil.

24 €

Cheese dishes

Macaroni pasta gratin with wild mushrooms and Fontine cheese from Val d'Aosta

19 €

Piemont risotto with fresh peas and colored tomatoes, crusty " Parmesan" cheese

22 €

Fondue with Swiss and Savoie cheeses

17 €


Selection of Grandmother's Tarts

14 €

Desserts to be ordered at the beginning of the meal

Local plum fritters, red wine "Mondeuse" sauce with milk ice cream.

11 €

'Verrine' of cream cooked with vanilla, poached peach in vervena and almonds biscuit.

11 €

Frozen raspberry 'soufflé' and lemon traditional meringue.

11 €

Chocolates and  honey madeleine cakes will accompany your coffee (It is highly recommended to dip your madeleines in red wine!)

*** We remain at your disposal for menu proposals for your receptions, special events and group bookings.