Our new and first book:
'STARS & MONT BLANC, Pierre Carrier - Pierre Maillet'

Four seasons of cuisine and mountain living,
Recipes from the Albert 1er gastronomic restaurant

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Book: 45€
Our chefs Pierre Carrier and Pierre Maillet are able to sign your book upon request.

For more than a century, the Albert 1er has conveyed a certain idea of cuisine. In the centre of Chamonix, dominated by incredibly beautiful mountains and majestic glaciers, Pierre Carrier (of the Albert 1er dynasty) and Pierre Maillet (his son-in-law) work the miracle of combining the word of (very) grand cuisine and (very) high mountains. With their two Michelin stars, these two chefs share a love of skiing and climbing with the rest of their families. Together, they pay homage to the Alps and to Mont Blanc, by setting their table upon this land of giants.
This book is primarily an introduction, the sharing of emotions and an invitation to all readers to discover the excellence of these dishes that cannot be considered innocent in so grand a setting... as if the stone, snow and ice collude to inspire an authentic, sensitive and emotional style of cuisine here on the slopes of Mont Blanc, Aiguille Verte and Grandes Jorasses... Recipes that you can attempt yourself, since the two chefs have shared all the details of their sky-scraping dishes.







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Mont-Blanc knives for the Hameau Albert 1er.
Knives made by Monsieur Didier Simond, especially for the Albert 1er restaurant
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