The Albert 1er restaurant is closed every Tuesday for lunch, all day on Wednesday and Thursday for lunch.

Exceptionally, the restaurant will be closed on Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May 2015.


Mother's Day Menu
Sunday 31st May 2015
85 €uro

White asparagus from Loire Valley,
crispy 'Bosses' ham, hollandaise sauce

Royal trout, gentian, preserved lemon,
oxalis and lovage

Roasted Racan pigeon breast on a grilled duck foie gras,
Swiss chard, legs and giblets tart

The fresh and mature French and Italian cheese

Dessert trolley with a large choice of gateaux,
fresh fruit and homemade ice cream

Bite-sized desserts and chocolates


Lunchtime at the Albert 1er


Menu du Midi - 39 €uro

An appetizer and a dish from the "Petite Fête Gourmande" menu, cheese OR dessert.
This menu can be served on the terrace facing Mont Blanc, weather permitting.


Daily Lunch Menu - 75 €uro 

A starter, main course, selection of cheeses and desserts,
including 2 glasses of wine chosen in accordance with the menu.


Proposed Lunch and Dinner Menus

La Petite Fête Gourmande du Marché - 85 €

A daily menu consisting of a starter, first course, main course, selection of cheeses and desserts.

Proposed for lunch and dinner, this menu changes on a daily basis according to the best products available on the market. 


Daily Menu at - 60 €

You choose two dishes from the three proposed in the menu
 "PETITE FÊTE GOURMANDE DU MARCHE", plus cheese and dessert trolleys.
(served every day except Friday and Saturday evenings and bank holidays)


La Maison de Savoie - 156 € per person

Nine courses covering three regions: Piémont, Comtés de Nice and Savoie 

Duck foie gras in ballotine, beetroot, balsamic and green apple

Leeks, calf’s foot, quail egg and Alverta Royal caviar

Fera fish from Lake Geneva in bread crust, gentian and lemon preserves

Lake Geneva pike « boudin », Robert Blanc green asparagus,
foamy shellfish sauce

Mont Blanc snail, polenta and parsley

Morel mushrooms, duck foie gras, mushroom froth, smoked with juniper

« Racan » pigeon breast with Dolcetto d’Alba wine, cherry and cocoa,
celery mousseline and « Dauphine » potatoes

Trolley with a choice of fresh and mature French and Italian cheeses

"Gariguette" strawberries, preserved fennels and "Aglandau"olive oil

Chocolate and mint

Bite-sized chocolates and desserts


To assure our guests the best service possible, this menu can only be served for an entire table.